_MG_9100e2Happy Birthday, Marques & Jax!! Had the pleasure of photographing their fabulous Winter Gathering last weekend. Check out behind the scenes plus all the moments captured at The Claridge VUE: Rooftop Loft in Atlantic City, NJ._MG_9061e_MG_9062eThank you Cherie for MUA work! Book her: @cherieyvon

_MG_9069e_MG_9081e_MG_9078eLobby shots before the official festivities begin!

_MG_9102e_MG_9087e2_MG_9088sm_MG_9092e_MG_9105eParty time! Welcoming guests and taking group / candid shots time at “The Winter Gathering 2018!” _MG_9116e_MG_9121_MG_9219sm_MG_9124_MG_9198e_MG_9196e_MG_9252e_MG_9128_MG_9142_MG_9202e_MG_9129_MG_9130_MG_9131_MG_9132_MG_9149sm_MG_9154_MG_9161_MG_9214e_MG_9217e_MG_9225e_MG_9228e_MG_9230e_MG_9234e_MG_9237e_MG_9238e_MG_9259e_MG_9265e_MG_9267_MG_9136e_MG_9139e_MG_9269e_MG_9275e_MG_9270e_MG_9283_MG_9284_MG_9222e_MG_9292e_MG_9293e_MG_9297sm_MG_9300e_MG_9309e_MG_9310e_MG_9315e_MG_9321e_MG_9325_MG_9326_MG_9337_MG_9339_MG_9343_MG_9355_MG_9356_MG_9359_MG_9361_MG_9364_MG_9393e_MG_9417e_MG_9419e_MG_9446_MG_9476e_MG_9487e

More photos on facebook!

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