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Making A Selfie

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Selfie by Nastassia Davis

Selfie by Nastassia DavisSelfie by Nastassia Davis


Selfie by Nastassia Davis

Selfie by Nastassia Davis

Beyonce, Single Ladies, Selfie by Nastassia Davis

Selfie by Nastassia Davis


Selfie by Nastassia Davis

Nastassia Davis

Nastassia Davis

We Are One

I really love looking through my flickr stream. When bored, I created all these images. Some were planned, but most of them were spontaneous creations. The process is meticulous and can easily be done with lots of love and patience. To make your very own creative selfie, you will need:

1) a digital camera

2) imagination

3) time

4) tripod (optional)

5) Adobe Photoshop (any version)

While photoshop isn’t necessarily needed to help you get creative with an image, the program is definitely useful for many technical services, such as processing a bulk of images to web, getting more accurate printing, customizing menus and workspace, etc. I’ve used Photoshop since I took up a digital photography course in college and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve/ polish up your pictures. One of my most used and favorite tool is the “healing brush”. It helps clean up scratches and dust in your digital photos and removes skin imperfections beautifully.

I would love to see some of your own selfies! Feel free to send them to my email at: You just may be featured in a future blog post!

Happy shooting!




Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)

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The more I hear the song, the more I love it. Beyonce’s back!
Single Ladies

Bored and really excited about Beyonce’s new release, I went to the wig store, put on a pair of tights and had a mini photoshoot with myself at 2am. The idea of the three me’s came after only liking two poses from 20-someting shots I took.

Which music video still should I do next? 🙂

Written by Nastassia Davis

October 14, 2008 at 10:17 am