Special S/O to my homie Jason Schultz of The Weekend Pilots, for collaborating with me on many of these light formations! Also, thanks to Anna, Candace, Kaitlin, Blair, Steven and Matthew (all the people in the images below) for your help being human tripods and beautiful subjects for my camera.



Jason Schultz of The Weekend Pilots as “The Margate Merman”.

NastassiaDavisLightPainting10 NastassiaDavisLightPainting9 NastassiaDavisLightPainting8 NastassiaDavisLightPainting7 NastassiaDavisLightPainting6 NastassiaDavisLightPainting4 NastassiaDavisLightPainting3 NastassiaDavisLightPainting2 NastassiaDavisLightPainting

—–Earlier that day…

candancebyleaves MatthewMarkmen wbws SmileyFaces HammockNapping Candace_Nass_Jason NastassiaByTreeLeaves

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