Self Portrait Art / Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

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Modeled, photographed and edited by Nastassia Davis (Inspired by Deep Cotton’s song)
Atlantic City, along with other parts of the East Coast, such as New York, were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy on Oct 30, 2012. The disaster took many cars, personal treasures and homes away leaving many physically and emotionally distraught.

Many across the nation have been donating clothes, money and food to the victims of this storm. I know Fema still provides help up until December 15, 2012. I’ve already donated clothes myself. Operation Hat Trick in Atlantic City raises $500,000 for Sandy charities and other great things are going on to help those in need.

I created this self portrait, partially inspired by Deep Cotton‘s Song, “We’re Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out” as a fun photo exercise which actually embodies the support we all have been giving. The lyrics “Who will cook? Who will clean? Who you paint the fence?” go hand in hand to what everyone here is doing and has done to help provide.

For more info on how you can make a difference, please click on these links below:



Awesome Photos Around The Nation of Hurricane Sandy- Boston Globe

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