George 2.0’s “Value You” [TWOsDAYs]

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Value You: TwosDays

Wondaland Arts Society’s, George 2.0, brings us “TWOsDAYs” on every Tuesday where he shares words of inspiration on everyday life over music he’s produced.

Check out the latest soundclip below.


Love it. For all things 2.0 check out his blog here. 

George 2.0 Inspiration

One Reply to “George 2.0’s “Value You” [TWOsDAYs]”

  1. I like your creativity and exploration with the images you have done digitally to enhance the photo.
    Have you thought of doing a solo show at the Noyes or Stockton’s new galleries in K building. There’s a nice exhibit on this month.
    American Photography 1912-2012″In the Shadows of Art and Commerce” 10/12/12 3:30p Campus Center Theatre, Free admit with recepton and lecture
    Lower Gallery “Perception Shift” Curated by Heather Gibson
    Panel Discussion: Perception 10/24 @ 2:30p Stockton profs of psch, music,art

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