AfroPunk Music Festival 2012 – Me and My Prints!

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Photo by Winta Lynn

Hey guys! Selling my prints at the AfroPunk Festival this year was such a great experience. Had I not been apart of this as a vendor, I wouldn’t have met all the cool folks who stopped by my booth. Special thanks to Joanna Reynolds who was so patient with me during the preparation of it all. Enjoyed it so much that I’d love to try this again! Already thinking up ideas to try at my next festival.

If you purchased some of my prints, Thank You. If you kindly signed up for my email blast, Thank You.  I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on what’s happening with my photography. I’ve added more prints to my etsy shop, too. Small editions (8x10s) are available now, medium and large are available upon request. 🙂

Also, head on over to for more of my shots! Since I was working, I couldn’t really bounce around the whole festival like I’d planned, but did manage to get some cool shots of beautiful fashion and people right from my booth.

Peace & Love,


Thanks friends for stopping by! Top left to right – Rahfeal Gordon, Travis and (Family not pictured), Jon Genius and Benny Walk.


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