This here is Millicent. Every other morning for the past couple weeks, she’s built her webs smack in front of the doorway causing me to act a fool trying to dodge or knock it down. Have you ever walked unexpectedly into a spider web ? Man… it’s one of thee most scariest things to experience. Imagine walking somewhere minding your own business and B-A-M, you feel what seems to be an invisible light sticky film on your face. It’s too late now as you go through a sudden burst of conniptions trying to smack and rub it off! The thought that you’ve torn down what a spider uses to trap other bugs and devours, who just might now be somewhere on you, is enough to cause one screaming and running frantically for miles. Ugh! Well, just as I knock her web down, Little Miss Millicent builds it right back up! It’s quite amazing. And the web seems to get bigger and better with each knock down as if she’s taken her anger out on the work she must do all over again, “Damn, you, Nastassia!!!” Well, one morning, instead of knocking the web down, I stood gazing at it in wonderment. Somehow, I felt something within telling me to stop and watch. Observe and admire. Wait. Then I went about my way thinking about this ambitious little insect and what her life could be like.

After a few days passed, I saw her creation again and took this opportunity to photograph it.  Later that evening, I actually got to met my little friend resting in the middle of her web! (Look closely, for the web is very fine among the bokeh.)

Millicent & Her Web At Night

Through this tiny insect, I truly felt God was trying to teach me what it means to continue “persistence” and about having a “strong-willed spirit”. When you want something in life, you must not let the enemy deter you from the goal. No matter how many times the devil tries to knock you down, GET THE HECK BACK UP and work HARDER. Be even more focused. It made me cry thinking about the fact that I was being reminded of something so valuable from such a tiny insect.  As I pondered that for a while, I was no longer frustrated whenever her web would appear in front the door. Just like me, she’s just “doing her” to survive. What an amazing creature she is. I thank God for teaching me this very valuable lesson that I continue applying to my own life.

Sadly, she was sprayed a couple of days after I took these pictures. Arriving home after mailing off my art print giveaway work, I caught my mother spraying what looked like the spider I saw the night before. Although I was shocked, as most people do the same, something suddenly urged me to get my camera. As I took these pictures, surprisingly my eyes filled with tiny tears as I witnessed this poor hard working spider struggling to stay alive. As her strength and life were leaving her, she slowly slid down the beautiful silk flowing from her abdomen in which she used to make all those wonderful webs. It was fascinating and yet sad to watch- a very weird feeling to have together. I’d never seen anything like that which prompt me to continue snapping pictures. Millicent The Spider Falling From Her WebAlthough she’s gone, I’m thankful for the lesson she reminded me of – to never give up when you want to achieve something in life. There will be times when people try distracting you from your goals but stay focused and work hard. In your final days, you’ll be so thankful you did the best you could in every situation.

Millicent, I’m sorry you were sprayed. Miss you and your beautiful webs already.


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