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3 Replies to “VOTE 2012”

  1. every election is extremely important. Actually, I think Romney and Ryan have a great chance, remember, it isn’t quantity of votes but electoral college. It is very possible for Ryan and romney to win the electoral college votes if they lock up the south and midwest and snag one or two from the north east, while only getting texas.
    You should state why this election is extremely important to you, but since i suggested that, can (or will) you answer here?

    1. Thanks for your response! Whether Romney and Ryan have a good chance or not, I believe that having Obama for a second term is the best for the state of our country right now. There’s much more to do. I’m not a huge political buff, meaning I’m not familiar with every single aspect behind all the pressing issues our country is facing, but if I may, I’d like to compare this election to a very bad sore. You can’t expect to put medicine and a band-aid over it then halfway through the healing process, take it off and expect everything to be recovered, can you? No. That’s why this election is so important because 4 years ago Obama and his administration came in and tried fixing or stabilizing a lot of the problems. I believe his administration is the right one that should lead the way as we invest in things like clean energy jobs, making college more affordable, equal pay for all, securing medicaid, etc. Romney and Ryan are not about that life. Sorry, but they aren’t what America needs right now.

      1. I like your bad sore analogy. My only issue is that, the sore is larger than anything 8 years can heal. If you consider the vast amount of issues in the USA as a federation, and each state within the union, 8 years isnt enough.And, Obama hasn’t done anything to resolve any issues. A black man who only held a knife was shot to death in NYC by cops, a few weeks earlier a Black kid was shot to death for holding a knife by members of the same organization. The president says to Black people to have a coffee with them,and you speak of him as someone who can heal sores. I am not saying Romney and Ryan will help. I know they will not. But, the reality is, the current president hasn’t as well, and he won’t.

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