Light Paint Collab w/ Kingdom Academy Youth – Pleasantville, NJ

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I had the awesome opportunity to guest speak about my photography work at the Pleasantville Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. This year’s program includes dozens of fun activities to fit a variety of interest and I was delighted to share my work to the youth, who ranged from ages 9 to 12 years old, as an art photographer.

Here are the materials for the presentation.

– My Mac
– Led flashlights for space writing exercise.
– 35mm Canon film camera & Yashica Copal

Before the project, we looked through some old-fashioned camera lenses. As I showed a selection of my digital self portraits, they had some interesting thoughts to share on the work, such as this photo. “Freedom!” “Woman of Justice!” “Someone who stands up for what they believe in!” were some of their responses. I told them no matter the age, young or old, they should always stand up for what is right. Be it in their respective communities or the world, being a leader and positive example for friends, peers and family members is something they should always strive to do.

Now it was time to begin my favorite part of the presentation – creating live art! I showed them this photo and explained the process. Space writing started around 1889 in an attempt to study the movements of human beings to horses. Fast forward to 1949, I showed them the interesting images of Picasso’s light paintings. Each of them were assigned a single letter that they created in the dark. Together the letters form the phrase “Stop The Violence!” which is a message we feel needs to be heard in our hometown of Atlantic City and within the communities across the nation suffering from senseless homicides.

Rest in peace to the victims of the Colorado Movie Theater for Batman. We must do something about gun control in America. I don’t understand how it’s legally possible to obtain a Glock pistol and the AR-15 assault rifle and shoot up a theater of innocent movie-goers. The homicides by the youth in my hometown and crimes like this across America really upset me.

We got to do better. I pray we can find the solutions and work to put them to action soon.


2 Replies to “Light Paint Collab w/ Kingdom Academy Youth – Pleasantville, NJ”

  1. What do we have to pray for. I think the solutions are present, but they are not ones that people will like. As I have stated to you before, if people have issues with each other, it is time to respect those issues.

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