Need advice on photography? Ask Nastassia!

I often get questions from friends and random people about any and everything concerning photography. I decided to make a section on my blog where I share those questions and answers with all of you.

Here’s a message from earlier today:

What’s your take on people you take pictures of using your pics? Like, another artist, even if they credit your work or leave your name on the photo. I ask because my husband is a musician and folks take pics of him all the time that he doesn’t give consent for (and doesn’t care), but would like to have some of them. Would you expect him to pay you for them or is there some sort of unspoken artist agreement?

Me: I believe that the relationship of the artist and photographer are important to consider when wanting a product. Don’t just assume the photographer will give away his photos. Especially if photography is his livelihood. It’s always a good thing to respect the person behind the camera enough to inquire about his services. I think your husband should definitely reach out to the photographer and let him/ her know he really likes the image and ask what he needs to do to get a copy.

Feel free to ask away. I’ll try my best to answer your questions! πŸ™‚


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