Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (Petition)

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Modeled, directed and edited by Nastassia Davis “College Debt” 

Hey guys, remember when I created this? Well, now there is a petition, started by Robert Applebaum, floating around asking for signatures to forgive the nation’s massive college debt dilemma. The document has just about reached it’s goal.

To read more background info and sign, follow this link.


Commentary from flickr members:

“Never a more true statement. I am preparing to explain this to my daughter as she prepares for her career. Practical skills are what count, then consider the route of qualification to enhance future prospect.

I think the image is fantastic.

Here in the UK, university places are down -12%, while the avearge price per person has climbed +137 %.” – Garfield H, UK Photographer and father of 2 .

“Hard times. Jobs come with economic growth, what “we” need to figure out is how to make the economy go up again and how to improve people’s income so they can go back to consuming and then fuel all the rest.” – Jose Carlos Costa, Photographer from Luanda, Angola

“This is my life in one image…” – Kayvin Anthony, Photographer from USA

“People tend to believe what they read, if someone says it loud enough.
Education is a right , it is not a privilege in any country, but if people continue to vote for business backed leaders who have interests in carving up education, and those same business interests own all the newspapers and tv shows then you have a covert and overt propoganda changing the way they want you to think about education.

Great peice Natassia, i was sure you had photoshopped the bag completely but it is good to see how much effort you put in to your work. I like the irony of being crushed while being around the symbols of education, with one book half opened.
Ray Bradbury said ‘Without library’s we have no past and no future’.” – Jon Ahabek, UK Political Sketch Artist

“This is very true..I have so many scholarships, and I’m still in debt!
Education shouldn’t be so expensive in the first place.” – Taiwo, US Student/ Photographer

“Just because you have a college degree, doesn’t insure you getting a job – worse, if you’re living in a third world country like me.” – Ja, Artist Photograher from Quaipo, The Philippians.

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