“Dear George Zimmermans of the World”

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Dear George Zimmermans of the World,

This is my son; my only son. He is an absolute joy and the sum total of all that I have done good in this world. I owe him my life.

He is 17.
He is bright, compassionate, and well mannered with a promising future ahead of him.

He sometimes wears a hooded sweatshirt.
He is always on his phone.
He may even act strange in the street like most teenagers.

He is not a threat to you or anyone else.

All that being said…

I beg of you to fight whatever lingering stereotypes that may have embedded themselves into your mind.
I appeal to your humanity and better judgement.
I ask that you show restraint in acting rashly.

George Zimmermans of the world, I make one simple request…

Keep your FILTHY FUCKING hands off him!!!!!!!!!!

That is about as nice as I am going to ask.


One Very Proud but Terrified Father 

Arian Bryant and his son Dominique during my father and son shoot last weekend.

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