“College Debt” Selfie (Behind The Scenes)

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Hey guys!

Here’s how I created my college debt self-portrait:

1) Took 4 pieces of tissue and taped all sides together.

2) Balled a heap of some more tissue to stuff inside the sack.

3) Gathered the tissue on all four sides.

4) Wrapped a piece of yarn around the top.

Once I got this down, half of my problem was solved. Then, I had to imagine this gigantic money sack squashing me. It was a lot of fun and I owe a huge thanks to my human tripod (who asked not be credited) for taking my direction well and capturing some pretty funny shots of myself that I was able to choose from.

Contact sheet above are some images I got from putting on a timer and setting on the ground. For the sake of using the perfect angle, I didn’t take any of these, but I love them and wanted to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

Creating these kinds of images are really fun and I look forward to creating more.

What do you think of the student debt loan crisis? Any one struggling to pay back loans? How are you budging your money?

Student Loan Forgiveness, College Debt
Modeled, directed and edited by Nastassia Davis is a sataric image depicting the national epidemic surrounding the student loan crisis.

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