To Forgive College Debt or Not? That Is The Question.

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“College Debt” – Digital Photo Edited, Directed & Modeled by Nastassia Davis. 

Picture this.

It’s commencement day. The graduation march, “Pomp and Circumstance”, is playing. Your family, friends and college peers cheer loudly throughout the stadium as you walk proudly across the stage to get your degree. Over the past 4-5 years, you’ve spent many sleepless nights studying, writing papers, doing exams and projects, getting involved with student government activities, joining organizations, making new friends, etc just to have it now a part of your past to move on in hopes of getting that dream job making that big money your education has prepared you for. Or did they?

College Debt is one of the nation’s growing epidemic now. What are some of your stories about this issue?

Olivia Haynes, a.k.a. “Black Witch“, writer and contributor for AfroPunk sent me a link to The New CFPB wanting input on how others deal with student loans.  Should the government forget student loans to stimulate the economy? What are some of your stories and opinions on this national epidemic issue? Questions such as 1.) “What experiences have people had with repaying private student loans?”,  2.) “Does it affect field of study or career choice?” plus more are listed. Have any stories to share? Speak up and submit your own stories and pictures.

Also, to help students, the CFPB has created a new financial aid form that is easy to read and understand. It breaks down the real costs of student loans and encourages students to “Know Before You Owe.” Check it out here.

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