It’s the last day of 2011 and I’m so thankful to God for allowing me to see another year. For 2012, I’m working on being healthier, more disciplined and focused on creating more stimulating art. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings but for now, I want to share and reflect on some of my own personal achievements and images from 2011.

“Goddess Love Dance” was created during a time I wasn’t feeling too good about myself and wanted to case those negative feelings away creating an image that loves the things that physically make up who I am. From my hair, to my mind, my creativity, my body, just everything that makes me feel beautiful. (Shot in Bern, Switzerland. Collaboration with Marcel Hadorn)“Which way to go?” was a self portrait created in Bern, Switzerland.

“Break Out of My Shell” was initially inspired by my own shyness. It’s also the desire to constantly challenge myself for the better, personally and professionally. (Shot in Bern, Switzerland. Collaboration w/ Marcel Hadorn)“Illusion of Beauty”

“Crown & Glory” KinHairitage Salon & Spa Shoot. Subject/Model: Jada Lacayo-Gomez.

Capturing real love w/ couples on engagement & wedding shoots. Carl Revels & Essence Worthy.

Promo shots of Swiss Music Artist. Helder Varela. Bern, Switzerland.These were photos of Bern, Switzerland around Christmas time last year. Thanks to Marcel and his family for having me, I had my first out of the country experience. I met a lot of great people, worked as a photographer and photo editor plus ate a lot of cheese and chocolate. πŸ™‚

Adam and his Flammen Bar.

Days before my flight back to America, Marcel and his friends threw me a beautiful surprise birthday celebration with the sweetest and most appropriate cake I’d ever seen! Felt so blessed to spend my special day like that.

An interview featuring my self portraits were showcased on Chicago based beauty blog,Β AfroBella!

Featured on an up and coming arts and culture blog in NY,Β The Daily Merger.

Started working as a freelance event photographer for the Atlantic City Weekly Paper.

Shot and edited during a time I felt a bit overwhelmed with my Sallie Mae loans. Thank God I’ve been blessed with steady income from photography jobs (events, weddings, selling my photos) and working part time in public schools to keep me up with my payments. The location for this photo was at The Chelsea Heights Elementary school library in Atlantic City.

Photoshoot w/ V Ferg of Stereo Crowd in Harlem, NYC.

Luz Pestritto and family portraits.

Used without my permission but thankful I have an image that so many people love. “@NastassiaDavis, I would take it as a compliment. You are well on your way to becoming a household name. You are relevant! Cheers!” – @Humza_Shakir from twitter.

First 30×30 print sold to an art lover in Pleasanville, NJ. More prints sold to others via my Society 6 shops.

Pictured with NYC Street Photographer, Louis Mendes, at his D.C. workshop. Polaroid by Jacqui Graham.

iPhone snapshot of photo students & I at my first on campus workshop.

What a journey.

Here’s to 2012!

Much Love,



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