Life is a beautiful thing when you can share it with someone you truly love. High school sweethearts, Carl & Essence, are getting married and they hired me to be their official engagement photographer. I love vintage styles, so I requested they come dressed in their best vintage attire, circa 1930s-40s. December 18, 2011, we met at Caesars Casino in Atlantic City and immediately started shooting. My favorite moments are those I could catch spontaneously with my lens, but often I had to direct them to “turn this way” or “place your hand there” since they really wanted to follow my lead.

Below is a selection of images and special quotes from each other.

“Essence makes love easy. She always knows what to say and when not to say it. She is a great friend, person and woman. I’m glad to spend the rest of my life with one of my best friends.” ~ Carl

“I knew this relationship would be everlasting when I realized that I could deal with Carl’s worst days over most people’s best days.  Everything about him warms my heart.  To call him my real-life prince charming is an understatement.”  ~Essence


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