Pestritto & Martinez Family Portraits

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Commissioned to do a family portrait and it sure was a challenge! While trying to pick my favorite ones, these are the blopper images that made me laugh.  Atom, the littlest one in the family, was the star of the show. It was difficult to get him to sit still and smile for a “nice family picture”. You know the kind of family portrait I’m talking about, right? The ones with no frowns, uncomfortable or crazy faces from taking a shot when someone isn’t ready? Basically something that’s “normal” enough to frame and hang on a wall? Well, these were all what I had not expected and more, thanks to the Amazing Atom.

On another note, any other photographers have ideas on how to make children sit still during a portrait session? We tried singing happy birthday to him, give him toys to play with and hand held video games to keep him still but nothing was really working until we just gave him the time he needed to calm down. Take a look at some of these funny blopper family portraits.

More funny family portraits!

Adore this little boy! He wouldn’t sit still for my camera. lol

Adore him. Thank you Luz & family!


One Reply to “Pestritto & Martinez Family Portraits”

  1. I’m loving the blooper pics lol! Nas, thank you so much for the wonderful portraits. I can’t wait to show these to my mom. This means a lot to her.

    And the rest of you reading this, hire this girl! She’s a true pro 🙂

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