FoxxHole Radio at Redding’s Restaurant in Atlantic City *SNIPPET*

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Sunday, July 3, 2011. A plethora of topics were discussed on Foxx’s radio show “The Foxxhole” at Redding’s Restaurant, such  sex, troubled relationships and physical health just to name a few. However, the topic that recieved the most attention was the discussion on teen sex and forgetting to strap up for use protection. This 17 year old boy (pictured above) shared how he sometimes struggles with making the smartest decision before he’s in the “heat of the moment”. J Foxx came back with great advice along with some personal insight to help. He told the audience about how he has to make time to talk to his kids about peer pressure, drugs & alcohol and other struggles adolescents, just like him, face today. “I approach my kids from two different perspectives. One as a responsible parent and the other as their friend. It’s important to be active in our kid’s lives to help guide them into making good decisions.” Readers, do you agree? What are your thoughts? See Foxx talk more in video:  

Atlantic City’s Mayor Langford & First Lady Nynell Langford were in the building. Actress/ RadioHost, Brandi Magee and Atlantic City resident Kelsey Kimbles joins in.

Really great show overall. I definitely recommend others to tune into the broadcastings. More info here:  Sunday, July 3, 2011. Taken at Redding’s Restaurant. Pictured above: Jamie Fox and Carl S. Redding, restaurant owner.

S/O and special thanks to Mr. Guy Black for this opportunity.


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