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I created this photo (full image in comments) in ’08 attempting to recreate a dream out of boredom while digging up an old lace dress of my mom’s. The following year, I happened to revisit the image around the time someone very dear to me passed away. It lead me deeply questioning the meaning of “life and death” and contemplating what really happens to us when we die.

Bestselling Christian author, Stephen M. Miller, published my photo in "The Complete Visual Bible" (pg 463) to help illustrate what happens to Christians who pass away according to apostle Paul's teaching. (1 Thessalonians)

I certainly am not familiar with most of the stories in the bible. At one time, I was heavily interested in reading the King James version in totality. I think this approach would be the best practical way to do that now. If you want a better understanding of the biblical scriptures throughout the old & new testaments, filled with pictures, paintings and maps, I would recommend this cool book to check out.

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Written by Nastassia Davis

May 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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