“Illusion of Beauty” (Your Reactions)

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As much as I enjoy expressing myself through photography, I also really enjoy the feedback. This isn’t a selfie, but of a model and props from previous work that I chose to help bring the subject of “ideal beauty” to light.  Shot on March 10, 2009 and finished the post-production while living in Switzerland. According to statistics, many young woman in the US struggle with accepting their own bodies as a result to the media and beauty magazines.  Some cool folks on flickr and facebook had thoughts they felt compelled to share. Below are just a few:

Kristof, an interaction designer of Antwerp, Belgium says:

“Great statement!
I love the René Margritte reference and the fact that you are bringing back elements from your previous work.

About the subject… It is amazing how much expensive torture people want to go through.
Most of the time the result after is worse than before.

A good schrink + a good haircut + a good stylist ALWAYS delivers better results and is a lot cheaper!”

Emma Lee, a 15 year old student from Dublin says:

“I was watching a program on this tv channel called Channel 4 called Beauty and The Beast: The Ugly Face of Predjudice. It was where once a week, one beauty obsessed woman who wants to go under the knife to obtain their idea of perfection goes to live with someone with severe facial deformities. It really has a powerful message, just like your photo!
I love the way you deliver such powerful messages.”

Lisa Noble, a photographer, wife and mother from San Francisco Bay Area says:

“Very well conveyed – quite striking. Can you imagine if that 10 billion went to help the medical needs of children in third world countries…”

That notorious hussy Tony, from The U.K England says:

“This is AMAZING!!!”

The great Ben Heine, from Belgium says:

“Brilliant, Dear Nastassia!”

Eline, a photographer from the Netherlands says:

“Wonderful work! Your photos have such a strong and good message!”

Steve says:

“Oh man, my daughter wanted one of these dolls but they were sold out; all the rage this Christmas, lucky you got one :p”


Marcel Hadorn, a great photographer and designer from Switzerland says:

“Great photo-maniuplation and a very creative way to address this problem.”

Frankee, an American singer and songwriter says:

“This mos def shook me up in a good way… ur photos always move me… LOVE THE ATTITUDE u evoked in portraying this message… so pure yet so raw and authentic… love it.”

Michaela says

“i just loooove your work ;-)”

If you have anything else to add, I seriously would like to hear from the rest of you. How does the pressure to look “perfect” affect you, or does it? What do you think it’ll take for society to overcome it’s sick superficial obsession?

Please speak your mind in the comment box below!

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