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Hanging Out w/ Stereo Crowd

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I shot these images a couple weeks ago in NY of my buddies from Stereo Crowd; since I’ve left Atlantic City and finally settled a bit in Switzerland, I’ve had time to fully focus on uploading these pics here. This is my second time working with t
he guys. A very spontaneous shoot truly done in an impromptu fashion. Decided to meet up just the day before. No MUA or stylist at the rehearsal studio.

It’s always a lot of fun to get together and experiment. I wanted to work again with long exposure and light paint. Some image below…

The crew afterwards.

After our scheduled shoot, V Ferg and I experimented more with the stuff I use to light paint. The next few pics were taken around 2am… First is a clone exercise without photoshop. Yes, without PHOTO-SHOP! Straight from the camera using long exposure shutters – something I definitely love to play with. Check it out.

As for these images, I wanted to more or less tell a story about the inner light within all of us. It’s the thing that keeps up going, pushing to follow our heart, reaching higher toward our goals and journeying through this thing called life. I believe that the presence of God in the soul acts as a guiding light which may in fact unite man to the greater or higher power. This is a draft of images of the man discovering the light giving him purpose, awareness and the power to begin doing anything and all things he puts his mind to.

Again this is just a quick draft of an idea I had and shot that night. Thanks to Vince for being my model! 🙂

To be continued for a later photo / video project.


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December 23, 2010 at 10:36 pm

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