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Okay, I got a direct message via twitter about this contest, then my girl Jovian (blog–> sent it just a couple days after, so I thought I’d give my chances at winning something cool a shot. After many failed attempts at setting up an account (ended with “Iamthegreatest” because site wouldn’t take “msaarika” or “nastassiadavis”) I FINALLY got my stuff in. It costed me $50, as it was $10 to submit an image, so I chose what I thought was “my best work” to date – 3 or more is recommended by the site. Whether I win or not, I’m just happy that I followed through and actually entered.

To vote, you must rate my portfolio (preferably 5 stars *hehe*) but I’ll certainly be happy with whatever I can get. The winner gets 7K so wish me luck! And best of luck to all the lovely artist that entered as well!

You have today and tomorrow to vote.

Thank you for the support!



Written by Nastassia Davis

January 14, 2010 at 2:08 am

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