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Inspiration (What a way to brighten my day =)

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I belong to a small community of artist/photographers on Flickr where I’ve been sharing my images for over three years now. A very talented artist, who goes by the screen name Absoluv, sent me a link to one of his recent artworks that was inspired by a self portrait of mine! He based out of England and is extremely talented to say the least. It’s a work in progress, but I already love what he’s begun.

Take a look –

Click on the following link to see the original image on my flickr account:

I’m itching with excitement to see how the final image will turn out!

May I also add that God is amazing? The older I become, the more I see this in everything I do. God knows just when to brighten the spirit in our most depressing hour. Personally, I wasn’t feeling up to par today. At work, all day yesterday, my mind was elsewhere. I kept making mistakes at the cash register, running clothes to the floor at a slow pace, had little to no help in the fitting room – so clothes were just piling up to the ceiling, and then to top it off, I didn’t lock the store’s main door at closing which could have resulted in cops and security being called to the scene. Like, I really need to get it together. If you ask what’s bothering me, I’ll tell you that I’ve been employed with H&M since July, and am suddenly noticing my original excitement is quickly fading. I simply don’t want to be there. I sometimes feel that I didn’t get a Fine Art degree from college to become a sales associate at a clothing retail store. Yet when I start to feel myself complaining, I remind myself why I first started working there – 1)steady income and 2)to work my way up and get the opportunity to shoot their fashion ads someday. All I keep thinking about is my photography and wanting to shoot, but H&M sucks up a lot of my energy. I just really need to get it together and stay focused. I trust that God’s going to work it out in due time.

Today I work from 12-5pm and then on to finishing up images for George, a dear friend, for his amazing Any1Man production. Will be posting about that soon! Pretty amazing stuff. 😉

Thank you again ABSOLUV for using your gift to create such wonderful work!


Written by Nastassia Davis

September 22, 2008 at 1:10 pm

Posted in inspire, september

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