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Janelle Monáe returns to Highline Ballroom

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Hello all! It’s been a while; I’m still alive. Just been working like crazy. This post is long over due, but I’ve decided to keep up with this blog as often as possible, no matter what. A couple weeks back I traveled to NYC to catch JM and the W.A.S at the Highline Ballroom again. This time she came back with Raphael Saadiq. (Unfortunately, there are no shots of him. =( They just finished the first official tour for “Metropolis: The Chase” (which is still available for purchase on iTunes and music retail stores now. Shame on you if you haven’t coped it. Do it today. =) As it is always, it was great seeing the gang again. Got inside the show a little late due to circumstances I had no control over, so didn’t get as many shots of the performance as I’d like to.

and these…

So there a go, just a little laste of what I saw.

And did I mention to get Metropolis: The Chase? Yea, do that. It’s in stores now!

Until next time…

Written by Nastassia Davis

September 7, 2008 at 6:02 am

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