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Kaput goes the lens!

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A couple days ago, a very unfortunate thing happened. I was in the midst of creating more self portraits, but decided I needed a quick snack – so off to the fridge I go. Right as I’m taking a mouth full of ma’s leftover spaghetti (which was BANGING might I add), I hear a loud *THUNK upstairs. Hmm. Just assuming my sis had a nasty fall or something, I didn’t think much of it. Well, she sure did and it was right on my bloody camera! When I returned upstairs to find my 30D turned upside-down on the carpet, I quickly grabbed it and began snapping away to see if any serious damage had been done. “Great.” I thought. My baby was making blurry pictures on the auto-focus setting one after the other and there’s was nothing I could do about it. Frustrated and broke -both literally and emotionally – I just sat there wondering where do I go from here…I’m still weighing out my options. This is certainly the last thing I need right now*sigh* … as he always does, I trust God will make a way somehow.

Fast-forward to the following day, I’m cleaning up our kitchen and have this sudden urge to document it of course. Although one lens goes kaput, there is another one I have which is wider and actually works better for this particular project.

So here I be –


Now back to figuring out what to do about lens numero uno…

Alright, signing off. First day on the new part-time job tomorrow morn.

Lata gatas!

Written by Nastassia Davis

July 2, 2008 at 1:12 am

Posted in self portraiture

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