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As she begins,“I-I-I-I-I I’m an alien from outerspace!” there’s a insane breakout of madness while I’m trying my hardest to keep uncontrollable dancing body parts of mine from knocking down those who tightly surround me.

The incomparable, Janelle Monáe, whose music cannot be categorized or boxed into any one particular genre, put on an electrifying performance this past Thursday night to her fans and supporters alike at “The Blender Theater” in New York City.

She is successful today because she didn’t listen to many music industry “BigWigs” who originally didn’t want anything to do with her unique sound and image, telling her that “black people just won’t get it”. Fed up, she started her own independent music label “The Wondaland Arts Society”. As a result, over an astounding 10,000 copies of Metropolis: Suite I (of IV)- The Chase were sold within weeks of it’s release! Now partnered with Diddy’s BadBoy label, she’s expected to do even greater things this year.

She’s previously taken us through the heart and mind of her alter-ego, a cyborg, Cindi Mayweather, who falls deeply in-love with a human named Anthony Greendown. Doing so, she “breaks the rules” which causes havoc in the city of Metropolis as government officials and outraged citizens try to hunt her down. She sings about finding hope and freedom in a unjust society, yet, cleverly, uses Mayweather’s character as an underlining political message to stand up for civil rights, to get a better education, to respect our neighhbor and most importantly – ourselves.

Since discovering Janelle in the summer of ’06, I’ve been following her career ever since. I must say, it’s always a delightful pleasure to be in the presence of this special young lady.

Go see her live! It’s quite the experience!

For those of you who are still “walking dead”, Wake Up! You can find all things Janelle Monáe and the rest of the Wondaland Arts Society here and here.

“Happy Hunting!” 😉


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